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Welcome to the Renaissance!
Here is where you can leave the 21st century and step into a fairy tale land where you
can slay a dragon, rescue a fair damsel, await the coming of your prince charming,
become a jester and frolic before the Courts of fabled kingdoms, or even join Robin
Hood and his band of merry men and save England from the evil Prince John!
Did You Know...
During the Renaissance period everyone over the age of 12 was required to wear a hat!
In classical times it was men who set the fashion trends for hats, not women!
During the Renaissance a fashionable outfit was incomplete without a hat which denoted
the importance and class of the wearer!
The first hat to indicate conspicuous wealth was the beret!
Workmen and farmers hats were "designed" by soaking a felt cap in water and hanging it
on a peg to dry to see what shape would form!
About the Madd Hatter...
Since 1978 the Madd Hatter has been fashioning quality
Renaissance hats for every purse and fancy!  Each year
thousands of nobles and commoners alike visit the Madd
Hatter's booths at the New York Renaissance Faire at Tuxedo
in Orange county, The Sterling Renaissance Festival in Sterling,
New York, and the Georgia Renaissance Festival!
Check out the Renaissance Faire sites where the Madd Hatter will be
The Madd Hatter's booth at the
Georgia Renaissance Festival.
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